Calm down salad

There are plenty of ways to process that feeling when you are on the edge, and all you need is a little push to turn into a gremlin. You could go and run around the block. You could take up smoking (blech). I prefer to chew.

I chew stuff that is around, which typically means cookies, chocolate and my own long hair. The last time I was at home, my mum made a lovely crunchy salad for us to munch on and I decided it would make a good addition to the repertoire of stuff to chew. Here it goes:

  • Take a *lot* of raw carrots and a cabbage.
  • Grate them ( but peel the carrots first, and peel off the outer layers of the cabbage. This could be wasteful if you would otherwise use up the whole cabbage, but if that is not the case, I tell myself I am just peeling off the pesticides (assuming the cabbage is not organic)).
  • Put the lot in a big tupperware and mix in some olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a generous helping of cumin.

Et voilá!

If you are especially low on motivation/energy, you could consider the cheater’s version. This involves chopping the veggies into around inch-sized blocks, and putting them through a food processor (but stopping well before they are blended to mush!). If you have a grater attachment, so much the better.