Meal planner

At this stage of our lives, with a toddler and two adults working full time, we need to save time wherever possible. A prime candidate for this is to automate our feeding, considering just how much time it consumes to plan meals, shop, cook, keep an overview of what we actually have at home etc.

So, the beginnings of a meal planner: a list of main meals to be rotated.

  • Zucchini-anchovy-pesto pasta
  • Chicken paprikás
  • Aubergine-tofu on rice
  • Moroccan style spiced sautéed veggies on rice
  • Lentil stew: Hungarian or Indian version
  • Bean stew
  • Steamed fish and veggies with mash
  • Roast chicken or lamb
  • Meat balls in tomato or zucchini-dill sauce with pasta
  • Lentil-pumpkin soup
  • Savoury crepes with aubergine-chicken mince
  • Garlicky chicken liver (poss. with aubergine) on rice
  • Creamed spinach with sunny side up eggs, or leftover meat


  • Carrot loaf