Meal ideas

Feeling cautiously optimistic that one day I’ll reach the dizzying heights of actually having weekly meal plans. In the meanwhile, I am splitting the original post with stand-alone meals plonked here and more organised options using leftovers remaining there.

Other meals

  • Cabbage-tomato with quinoa or rice. Then use leftover cabbage for calm down salad, or sauerkraut
  • Broccoli-mushroom pasta. Leftovers unlikely, but could be used in thai veggie soup.
  • Spaghetti carbonara or varieties (tojásos tészta) – good also for using up leftover sour cream
  • Lentil soup or daal
  • Popovers with creamy chicken/mushroom
  • Hungarian pasta with cottage cheese (túrós csusza) – Westernised recipe here
  • Pea/courgette/mint soup
  • Smoked mackerel dauphinoise
  • Jambalaya


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